Third prize: Munich – DeutschlandCard/Random House

The third-placed team from Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2011 won a day of Bertelsmann highlights and activities at the Munich site.

At the headquarters of DeutschlandCard GmbH on Neumarkter Strasse, Na Mi, Andrea, Felix, Elisa and Sven were greeted by Dr. Nico Rose, Director Corporate Management Development at Bertelsmann.

Hosts Konstanze Wittmann, consultant for Consumer Insights, DeutschlandCard GmbH, and Max Brüggemann, Partner Management, DeutschlandCard GmbH, told us about the exciting business activities of DeutschlandCard and the special features of a multi-partner program.
Christian Damke, Managing Director of Munich’s Skoobe GmbH, described Skoobe’s mobile library. The morning concluded with a presentation by Hendrik Balck, Head of Advertising for the imports, about the value chains of those publishers.

The group then went on a special tour of the city – by Segway. After an introduction to the basics of riding a Segway, which included practicing daring braking maneuvers (no matter what people may tell you to the contrary, Segways do indeed tip over!) and passing, our guide Dagobert led the group on a tour of the city’s points of interest.

Joining them for dinner at the Greek restaurant Cavos were that morning’s speakers as well as Silvia, who had been part of the workshop team. Silvia was the first participant in Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2011 to be hired by DeutschlandCard, and she reported on her first few months in her new job. The group sampled a variety of Greek dishes and beverages before setting out to sample Munich’s nightlife.

The next morning at breakfast at Café Wiener Platz, it was sunny in Munich and our students were in a correspondingly good mood.

Thanks to Na Mi, Andrea, Felix, Elisa, Sven, Silvia, Konstanze, Max, Christian, Hendrik and Dagobert for a wonderful visit to Munich!

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