These TMB workshops were held in 2012:

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RTL Group
In dialogue with the viewers:
Create a “second screen” business model for a
TV broadcaster, keeping in mind the increasing popularity of
tablets, smartphones and smart TV. Design
a potential product and describe how it relates to the
traditional TV business.
Workshop hosts:
Rhys Noelke (VP of Business Development)
Nicolas Eglau (Board of Directors, RTL Netherlands)

Random House
Integrated marketing of digital books:
Develop innovative marketing strategies for e-books
and similar products, using a specific genre as an example. Pay particular attention
to the combination of traditional sales channels (brick-and-mortar stores) and digital sales.
Workshop hosts:
Matthias Aichele (Director Business Development, Random House Germany)
Bernhard Fetsch (Head of Sales for the publishing companies Blanvalet, Limes, Penhaligon, Bassermann MA/Inspiration)

Gruner + Jahr
What does a publication look like that is designed exclusively for smartphones and published
under its own brand name?

The enormous popularity of smartphones has had a major
impact on digital and journalistic products in terms of
media consumption and brand awareness. Show how
G+J can strategically and sustainably develop this market segment,
and how a publication designed specifically for smartphones
might be a cornerstone of G+J’s digital strategy under its own (new) brand name.
Develop a sustainable business model.
Workshop hosts:
Dr. Felix Menden (Managing Director G+J, Digital Center) Gerrit Pohl (Deputy Managing Director G+J, Digital Center)

Market trends in electronic software distribution (ESD):
Analyze the possibilities and limitations of arvato’s
existing ESD business model. Show which aspects of
digital distribution offer the greatest potential for
arvato – and draw up a business plan using a specific example.
Workshop hosts:
Nils Klose (Head of E-Commerce division, SBU arvato Hightech EMEA)
Julia Krumins (Senior Sales and Account Manager for E-Commerce, SBU arvato Hightech EMEA)

How can Returbo become an international player?
The corporate venture fund BDMI has invested in the Berlin-based startup
Returbo. Develop a strategy for Bertelsmann to help
Returbo become an international player,
and show what a potential exit within and outside of Bertelsmann might look like.
Workshop hosts:
Jan Borgstädt (Head of European Investments, BDMI)
Philipp Lück (Managing Director, Arena RKD GmbH)

University Ventures
University degrees online:
Develop a strategy and growth concept for
a new business model in the educational sector that allows students to earn degrees online from leading
universities. Show which
degrees are most appropriate for which target groups
and explain how Bertelsmann can use its strengths to
support this online educational venture.
Workshop hosts:
Dalia Das (Head of Education/Senior Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bertelsmann)
Ushananthan Ganeshananthan (Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program)

Presenter Jochen Schropp at Prince Charles

Team RTL Group

Team Random House

Team G+J

Team arvato


Team University Ventures

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