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Alexander is a member of the second-placed team in the Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013 competition. He tells us about his trip to London.

When I heard the announcement that we had actually won the second prize, I couldn't believe it: Our car mobility concept won us a trip to London!

The Journey:
Prior to our London journey our team was geographically dispersed around the globe, living and studying in 3 different continents. Although not all could make it, Bertelsmann did a great effort in bringing us all together. And so we met on a typically rainy Tuesday afternoon to embark on a wonderful 2-day journey, starting in amphibious vehicles and ending with a great musical in the heart of London.

The Program:
Presentations at Random House: Warmly welcomed by Jo Mallia we enjoyed great presentations from Random House, Fremantle Media and BMG. A variety of colleagues gave us insights in their day-to-day work and spurred our interest in becoming part of the huge Bertelsmann family. Even the CEO of Penguin Random House UK joined us during our lunch!

Duck Tours: All of us have seen them - the weird looking amphibious trucks, which drive through even the heaviest London traffic, telling tourists the hidden secrets of London. We got the chance to join one of the duck "boatcars" and enjoyed an exciting tour on both road and river.

The Shard: We climbed Europe’s tallest building and hoped to enjoy a great view over London, but it didn’t turn out as expected: A very bad fog didn’t even allow us to grasp anything of the city beneath us. Hence it was quite amusing to come out of the elevator and stare into a bright, white wall of clouds. However, we remained positive and continued our London journey.

Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa: Wow - what a steak! With an exhausting day behind us, we were starving. Jamie Oliver's crew gave their best and served a very delicious meal for all of us - accompanied by marvelous drinks and a great atmosphere. Barbecoa was a real celebration of the senses.

Michael Jackson's Musical "Thriller": Can you do the moonwalk? After visiting the Musical Thriller you possibly can. “Thriller” is a spectacular concert to celebrate the career of the world’s greatest entertainer and undisputed King of Pop. We enjoyed over two-hours of non-stop hit songs and legendary live dance performances.

Finally, on our last day we all gathered for a last breakfast before planes, trains and buses were bringing us were we came from. The wide, wide world was ours again.

Thank you for everything Bertelsmann!

And if you want to enjoy such a great trip yourself, apply for Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2014!
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