These TMB workshops were held in 2013:  

Develop a growth strategy for Bertelsmann in India, taking into account current assets (e.g. media, services) and future business endeavors (e.g. information services, education).
Workshop hosts:
Dr. Thomas Feinen, Vice President Corporate Development & New Businesses
Carsten Schicker, Vice President Corporate Development Strategy 

RTL Group
Develop a business model for monetization of non-linear video content (Video-on-Demand) on the TV screen. Focus on interdependencies between linear TV and Video-on-Demand in terms of usage, design and business model.
Workshop hosts:
Christian Nienaber, Vice President Video-on-Demand & Video Production
Meryl Marschall, Project Manager Video-on-Demand for Smart TV 
Penguin Random House
A children’s book property was sold to major TV broadcasters and is developed into a TV series. Create a business and marketing plan for the 360 degree exploitation of the show across licensing, merchandise, live events, digital and gaming.
Workshop hosts:
Jo Edwards, Head of Licensing and Brand Development
Chloe Johnson-Hill, Events Director 

Gruner + Jahr
How can smart data, the purpose-oriented application of all big data sources, become a 'game changer' for Prisma Media in France? Describe potential forms of usage and create a business model.
Workshop hosts:
Philipp Schmidt, Advertising Executive Sales Director Women Brands
Yoann Denee, Email Database Monetization Director 

Connected mobility: Create a business model for customer-oriented app services and added value platforms in the automotive context.
Workshop hosts:
Christian Horz, Vice President Technology & Business Development
Karsten Kraume, Vice President

Be Printers
Create a printed customer magazine for an 'online-online' company in the UK and develop a sustainable business model.
Workshop hosts:
Tim Hudson, Commercial Director (New Business)
Dr. Mariana Stamm, Head of Corporate Controlling & Consulting

Mando Diao wants to make a deal with BMG. Develop potential deal types, considering the change in BMG’s shareholder structure. Illustrate the pros and cons of the different options for BMG as well as for Mando Diao and give your recommendation.
Workshop hosts:
Justus Haerder, Senior Director Business Development
Neelesh Prabhu, Director UK Investments 

Corporate team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

RTL team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

Penguin Random House team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

Gruner + Jahr team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

Arvato team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

Be Printers team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

BMG team video at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2013

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