Berlin – UFA Serial Drama

Eleonora was a participant of Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2014 and a member of the Arvato team, winning the third prize. She tells us about her trip to Berlin: 

Creativity as the lifeblood of each of us – is what mostly inspired us, members of the Arvato team 2014, to work hard on our topic and finally win the third price in the 2014 Talent Meets Bertelsmann edition! 

Running around the streets of Berlin was exciting, energizing as well as extremely interesting! After the arrival of all of us to the fantastic Motel-One hotel in Alexanderplatz, we started our Kreuzberg Food & Street Art Tour. Our first stop was at the Berlin’s East Side Gallery, a colorful section of the original Berlin Wall that used to divide the city into East and West Berlin. I remained stunned and speechless in front of the beautiful kiss between Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker painted by Dmitri Vladimirovich Vrubel, “My God, help me to survive this deadly love”. A guide explained us the detailed story of the painting and we took our first group picture in order to capture the start of this incredible three days’ experience in Berlin together!
Continuing our trip being immerged in the past story of the city, we walked through the Oberbaum Bridge, an important symbol of Berlin’s unity. And then, arrived in the Friedrichshain district we started our food street adventure!

Eating was so good that we couldn’t stop tasting Berlin’s specialties from 4 pm to 8 pm! We tried different places and different foods: at first we had some currywurst, delicious! Then we tasted some rollmops or, better to say, only the bravest among us tried them because of their very strange texture ... and then we were delighted with some typical Turkish delicatessens followed by a fantastic beer in a cozy and beautiful tavern! 

Amused by our first visit to the city, we took a rest before going to one of the best place in town, the “Stage Bluemax Theater”! 

The theatre was incredibly decorated with blue lights and objects to host the Blue Man Group show, one of the most amazing performance I have ever seen in my life! Provided with waterproof capes we were catapulted into a colorful world made of sounds originated from recycled objects such as the drumbone. This interactive show was incredible and I was almost caught by the performers to go on stage but luckily for me in the end I was not! 

Incredible adventure, amazing day and a wonderful start of our Berlin trip! 

Visiting the UFA serial drama production offices was the real surprise waiting for us the next day.
With Katja, one of the co-executive producers, we had a first insight into the amazing world of TV serial dramas and the secret of their success. She showed us the differences among several German soap operas such as “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”, “Verbotene Liebe”, “Unter Uns” and “Alles was zählt”.
Going more into details, Andreas, a flying creative, told us about the production process of making a serial drama. He showed us a true example of a script and the several steps needed to go on TV. Passion, creativity, values and innovation are all indispensable ingredients to build this very fragile puzzle: an amazing world is behind the scenes while we watch a “simple” soap opera! 

Incredible was to discover the real locations where these serial series take place. We even met some actors who were shooting an episode! We walked around the rooms where TV series are shot and we set on the same sofa where actors generally sit. We took a picture there in order to be able to say: “yes men, I have been there! :-)” 

Talent Meets Bertelsmann is a unique opportunity for the people who want to both inspire and get inspired by what they do. This year’s speech taught me that creativity is not only a way of thinking but also a way of doing things. It should be the result of an inspired production process but also its own source of inspiration. I got inspired by the speeches we had, by the people I worked with and by the amazing world of Bertelsmann that I discovered there! We were able to experiment an incredible interaction of business and creativity! 

You can be the next TMB candidate winning an amazing price as the Arvato team 2014 won! So, why to wait? Be creative and apply for it next year! :-)

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