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Sous le ciel de Paris le bonheur se construit... who would have thought that our idea to start a “Rookery” (a colony of penguins) would bring us to the city of lights: Paris! At Talent Meets Bertelsmann we designed a business model for a self-publishing platform that could potentially help Penguin Random House to generate additional revenues in this growing market. And luckily it won us the second prize, an amazing trip to Paris full of surprises.

Day I: A discovery of Montmartre and Paris’ most unusual cabaret show

On the first day we were greeted by cloudy and dark skies, but that did not stop us from taking a trip back in time and discovering the Paris of “la belle époque“. If you ever wanted to feel like a true Parisian artist with an easel under your arm, this is the place where you surely can. Home to Vincent van Gogh, Amedeo Modigliani and many more Montmartre has its own special atmosphere and was the starting point of our trip. After meeting in the lobby of our cozy hotel IBIS Montmartre and catching up, we defied the rain and made our way to the mysterious winding streets of Paris’ only hill. With our surprisingly very American guide we wandered the streets of Montmartre following the footsteps of all the great legends of the fin de siècle. Our special highlight of the trip: the statue of Le Passe-Muraille. The tiny little square is named after a story by Marcel Aymé, which features the protagonist Dutilleul who discovers that he can walk through walls. We all jumped at the opportunity to rub Dutilleul’s hand as it will bring inspiration and creativity. After ending our walking tour and getting our portion of inspiration we had some spare time to eat dinner before meeting for a special entertainment show. The only obstacle in our way: restaurants in Paris do not open before 7pm. But we had to be in the center of Paris by 8pm. So how could we solve the problem? With lots of charm and (let’s be honest) some desperate looks we actually talked the Indian cook of the restaurant into opening 15minutes earlier for us. This was the beginning of a marathon including changing outfits in a hurry and the fastest meal we ever had. Once again we proofed to be a great team by having our entrée and main dish in record-breaking 45 minutes including splitting bills and ordering a taxi, to just make it right on time to: “Le Crazy Horse de Paris”. Living up to its promise of being the most iconic of all the Parisian cabarets, „Crazy Horse“ was truly an intercultural experience. For two hours dancers mesmerized us with a show that once again showcased how different French entertainment can be. With sonorous names like “la dompteuse“ in our heads we left the cabaret show to end the evening with a toast to our team, just to be fresh and ready for the next day’s visit to Prisma Media and RTL.

Day II: A visit at Prisma Media and RTL, diving into the French media landscape

After breakfast we headed towards the offices of Prisma Media — 13, rue Henri Barbusse — where we have been welcomed by their HR team. We have been positively surprised by Prisma’s hospitality and by the care with which the several presentations that followed each other throughout the morning have been prepared, focusing on the company and the French media landscape.
The Managing Director of Prisma Media gave us an overview of the Group, ranked among the first media groups in France; followed by the Marketing Director, who explained to us the video content strategy of Prisma; and by the enthusiastic Executive Director of Prisma Pub, Prisma Creative Media and Licensing, who went through the great success of Prisma Pub and the importance of diversifying contents. During the break we had the opportunity to visit some departments of the company and to take a group picture on the fancy terrace of the building where Prisma Media has recently moved into.
As per the tight schedule, we listened to the interesting presentation “Journalism 2.0 and the challenges of tomorrow’s journalism” held by the Editor in Chief of the magazine Prima. Later, we dived into the TV sector with the Programming Director of RTL Group’s subsidiary M6, who explained to us in detail what it means to build a show schedule, coping every day with commercial, legal, social and cultural issues. Last but not least, the deputy editor in chief of Télé Loisirs, gave us an insight of the great success of the magazine.
During the lunch break we have been given the privilege of tasting real French hospitality, thanks to a delicious lunch at the Club Direction while enjoying the company of the CEO of Prisma Media, the Human Resources Director, and some of the session’s speakers we met in the morning.
At 3 o’ clock pm, while still savouring the chocolate flavour of our dessert, we headed by metro towards the RTL Offices — 22 Rue Bayard — close to the Champs-Élysées. Here, two kind employees took us for a tour of the radio studio, where Carla Bruni had held a concert just the night before. The Financial Director of RTL gave us a presentation overview of the company, and the Editor in chief of explained to us the crucial themes of interactivity and of “web first”.
During a short but needed break at the hotel we could regain our energy and dress up nicely for the exciting evening that awaited us: a dinner cruise on one of the famous bateaux-mouches of Paris! The “All of Paris on the Seine” tour, took us in front of Paris’ hot spots: the Louvre, the Ile de la Cité, Notre Dame, the Musée d’Orsay and the scenographic Eiffel Tower. The refined dinner and the enchanting view made us quickly forget the heavy rain pouring on Paris, and it has been definitely an unforgettable experience!
After an adventurous chase of taxis we finally managed to reach our hotel, but it was too early to say goodnight. So we went for a last drink in Montmartre, where the program of our trip was officially closed and where we promised each other to meet again at the Alumni event.

Once again, inspiring people, amazing locations, and lots of ideas for the future. Thanks, Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2014! 

by Lina Janezic & Elisa Conselvan
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