These TMB workshops were held in 2015:

Megatrend medical care – how can we utilize the capabilities of Relias and Arist to seize this opportunity? Medical care is under pressure – cost pressure, a labor shortage and a skills gap are met by ever-growing demand. People are getting older, the population is growing and the expected level of healthcare, especially in developing markets, is increasing quickly. At the same time, traditional education is unable to meet the demand. Ever-increasing student debt stands at more than one trillion dollars in the U.S., discouraging young people from pursuing a college education. South and Latin American students also face high barriers to entering good university programs, especially in medicine. Even if affordability wasn´t an issue medical schools’ capacity is limited.

Workshop Hosts:
Benedikt Dalkmann, Vice President Bertelsmann Education Group, Bertelsmann
Kai Römmelt, Vice President Bertelsmann Education Group, Bertelsmann

RTL Group:
Developing an off-YouTube presence in fashion and beauty (for StyleHaul). YouTube enabled the emergence of a new range of video talent: vloggers, who record videos at almost no cost from their bedrooms. Multichannel networks have aggregated this talent and improved cross-promotion and analytics as well as negotiating deals with advertisers. StyleHaul has been very active in this space, primarily with fashion and beauty vloggers. Only YouTube takes a 45% cut of all revenue, which presents a great incentive for multichannel networks to have their own self-operated platform.

Workshop Hosts:
Giles Drew, Senior Vice President Multichannel Networks, RTL Group
Diane Le Douaron, Strategy Executive Multichannel Networks, RTL Group

Penguin Random House:
Not mere child’s play: towards the children’s book publishing house of the future. The consumer behavior of children and their parents is changing considerably. Outline your concept for a viable German-language book publishing imprint designed to be best in class in 2020 based on the example of VGRH’s cbj imprint. Predict children’s and parents' future consumer behavior relating to books and media, analyze the competitive landscape, reflect on technological trends, and develop suggestions for the key elements of your positioning, content and product strategy. Calculate a respective business case.

Workshop Hosts:
Matthias Aichele, Vice President Business Development, VGRH
Rita Bollig, Vice President Digital Marketplace Development, VGRH

Gruner + Jahr:
“Millennials” is the word on every publisher’s mind. Millennials consume news and information in strikingly different ways than previous generations. When it comes to engaging them, creating content tailored to their individual interests, reading habits and channels is extremely important. Create a digital news product specifically tailored to the needs of millennials.

Workshop Hosts:
Kristin Borlinghaus, Program Manager Greenhouse Innovation Lab, Gruner + Jahr
Jens Uehlecke, Managing Director Greenhouse Innovation Lab, Gruner + Jahr

High Vitality People: towards a more health-conscious and engaged workforce. In Germany and many leading markets, we see three developments: Demographics point to an aging workforce. Companies are finding it harder to hire skilled talent. There is a measurable increase in sickness cost. At the same time, Arvato's CRM Healthcare unit is adding strategic services to build on traditional call center activities and drive value for our customers. As one example, an innovative and integrated employer-based health solution is currently marketed to corporations. Consider how we can offer this or a similar solution to employees in mid-sized companies from 250 to 1,000 employees.

Workshop Hosts:
Emek Altun, Senior Manager Sales and Business Development, Arvato CRM Solutions
Sabine Morlock, Director Change Management, Arvato Corporate

Be Printers:
The print catalog is back in style: adding value in an omnichannel world. The past few years have seen a shift of advertising expenditures from print to digital channels and, with the rise of e-commerce, print media seemed outdated. But, given the dynamics in omnichannel marketing, the catalog, often perceived as old-fashioned, is back in style, driving online and bricks-and-mortar footfall and delivering a real return on investment for brands, retailers and e-tailers alike. Define how a printed catalog can enrich the customer journey and create value for retail firms alongside other marketing channels.

Workshop Hosts:
Hendrik Finke, Manager Customer Service, Be Printers/Prinovis
Richard Gray, Managing Director, Prinovis UK


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