RTL Group:
Changing Channels: the next (gen) video challenge
As the TV landscape continues to fragment and younger audiences are turning to other platforms, what could RTL’s next family of channels look like? Traditional media brands are being challenged by new digital content brands and offerings that are tackling unusual topics and using radically different video production tactics, content formats and services.

Your task is to think about what the next generation of viewers will be excited about in 3-5 years and how they would like to consume video content, in order to define what their preferred channels would look like and come up with a product and viable business models (e.g., combining advertising or pay revenue streams).

Workshop hosts:
Rhys Nölke, Senior Vice President Strategy, RTL Group
Sven Sauvé, Chief Operating Officer, RTL Nederland

Cross-media campaign for the Rolling Stones
Artists no longer “only” release and sell music but also represent brands in themselves. The media universe of artists includes (amongst others) music, audiovisual content, books, social media and virtual reality.

You are a group of A&R/marketing managers and need to prepare a pitch for the Rolling Stones. Put together an exciting new “Media Universe” for the Rolling Stones! Include within this, various possible media products and develop a cross-media campaign.

Workshop hosts:
Christopher Ludwig, Senior Manager Digital Strategy and Distribution, BMG Rights Management
Frank Ströbele, Vice President Continental European Repertoire, BMG Rights Management

Education Group:
Digital Solutions for an Aging Population.
The ever-increasing aging population presents a challenge to the healthcare industry in the western hemisphere. People are getting older and are spending more time in care facilities, resulting in an increased demand for care givers. At the same time, the required care is becoming more integrated due to the multiple facet of diseases and therefore more complex and comprehensive, resulting in a higher need for in-depth healthcare knowledge for care givers. Simultaneously, the healthcare industry faces an increasing cost pressure, and the labor market potential is falling due to the demographic change. This results in time constraint to care for patients as well as for further education. The lack of staff and further education results in care scandals and reports of poor care quality and violation of care standard.

Workshop hosts:
Frederik Chettouh, Project Leader International Business, Relias Learning
Christoph von Schwerin, Senior Director Relias International Operations, Relias Learning

Internet of Things: The Smart Home as an Enabler for Digital Services.
In the near future services will be driven by the following three aspects: Robotics (automation), analytics (making sense of BIG data) and humanics. Humanics is the ability to empathize with customers and to understand their needs and desires with the goal to increase their comfort and convenience. Humanics is in the DNA of Arvato.

Imagine a home where you can control absolutely everything you need to live a modern, independent and self-determined life straight from your smart device. Anytime and anywhere, all with a mere touch or swipe of the screen.

We believe in creating a new digital service platform with instant access to all comfort and convenience functions based on the idea of a truly smart home and enabled by the internet of everything (IoE) which frees up your time for the really important things in your life.

Workshop hosts:
Jörg Dethlefs, Director Bid Management and Sales, Arvato Distribution
Helmut Kakakis, Vice President Business Development and Sales, Arvato Distribution

Penguin Random House:
Engaging to compete: How can publishers build and exploit relationships with readers?
Publishers are competing with other forms of entertainment (such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) that are interactive, engage audiences directly and have enormous reach. How can publishers build a similar relationship with their consumers and sell more books (print or digital) as a result? Recommend a strategy for Penguin Living.

Workshop hosts:
Claire Evans, Deputy Marketing Director, Penguin Random House UK
Rebecca Smart, Managing Director, Penguin Random House UK

Bertelsmann Printing Group:
A new dynamic in book printing: Optimizing the B2B service offering.
A decade since the launch of the eReader, physical book printing still dominates book sales even in markets with high digital-device penetration. Nevertheless, the end-consumer market is significantly changing: On one side, publishers seek to lower print runs, shorten time-to-market and reduce transaction costs, on the other side, publishers would like to increase the individualization of products in order to optimize their marketing efforts.

Help the Bertelsmann Printing Group market itself as a partner to its publishing customers by designing a B2B service platform. The goal should be to combine the “individualization of products” with the “standardization of processes” in order to increase loyalty to the publisher.

Workshop hosts:
Christof Ludwig, Managing Director, GGP Media
Astrid Meicherczyk, Head of Marketing and International Sales, Mohn Media

Gruner + Jahr
Personalized and mobile: Media for mothers and families
As the German market leader in print and digital media for mothers and families, we see two major trends influencing our business: The large growth in usage of mobile devices and the trend of personalization. Create a tailored digital product that satisfies our users’ greatest needs and builds on our own existing strengths.

Workshop hosts:
Thorsten Fritz Heger, Head of Digital Business Management ELTERN, G+J Parenting Media
Bernd Hellermann, Managing Director and Digital Business Director FAMILY, G+J Parenting Media

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