Paris – Prisma Media

Paris – Prisma Media & M6

“Paris is always a good idea” – thrilled by this Audrey Hepburn quote, the Team Education Group got the chance to explore one of most charming cities in Europe: Paris! At the 10-year anniversary of Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2017, we presented our concept of a new business model for the Online Education Platform “Udacity” to bridge the digital skill gap in enterprises and won the second price: a trip to the City of Light!

Day I: Keep on rolling’

Ohhh Champs-Elysées, ohhh Champs-Elysées… that’s where our wonderful winner trip started on a pleasant sunny afternoon in Paris. Already curious to explore Europe’s tourist destination #1, we, Janneta, Hannes, Valerie, Milan, Aryan, Jonas, Eva, Dan, Steffi and Pam, jumped on something that was absolutely new for most of us: a Segway! Even though the first steps are always the hardest, after a short training with our Australian tour guides Sam and Nick we could drive our first 360’s, sinuous lines and, most importantly, brake – at least most of the time. We were ready for take-off! The Australians guided us from one prestigious sight to another: the Église Saint-Louis des Invalides, Pont Alexandre III, Place de la Concorde… up to the heart of the city: La tour Eiffel. Especially for those of us who have been to Paris for the first time, the tour provided the perfect intro to the city. Moreover, with the speedy Segways we could explore a lot within only a few hours. We decided: we need more Segways in our lives!

Nevertheless, we had to take another means of transport after our Segway tour: a boat! And why not combine it with dinner? On the Dinnercruise Bateaux Parisiens, Bertelsmann invited us for a delicious and fancy menu on the river Seine. While tasting the best “Foie Gras” we could watch the charming attractions by night from another perspective – this was the perfect end of an adventurous day in Paris!

Day II: We’re all television stars!

The second day started early in the morning with a company visit at France’s biggest bi-media enterprise in the print-digital field: Prisma Media. Arriving there, no other than a member of the board, Philipp Schmidt (Chief Transformation Officer and MD Prisma Media Solutions), Hubert Saint Olive (Director Corporate Development & CEO of Demain by Prisma Media) and Katia Gicquel (COO of Demain by Prisma Media) presented us the company, their strategic vision of PRISMA Media’s future and provided us with deeper insights into their innovation projects. Furthermore, we could ask everything about the French Media Industry and got unexpected answers. Leaving with a full bag of magazines published by PRISMA Media as well as new knowledge of French Media, we started our afternoon journey to …

Groupe M6 – one of the biggest French Television channels! Having already been overwhelmed by the amazing visit to Prisma Media, we were about to get surprised by even more highlights in the afternoon. Firstly, a comprehensive and interesting company introduction by Eric Ghestemme (Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Law), Guillaume Couturié (Financial Communication) and Vincent Bazzochi (Project Manager Strategy and Corporate Development) allowed us to immerse into a new world – the world of television! They showed us how the television industry is preparing for the future and why people will always watch TV. This gave us the opportunity for another Q&A session. Afterwards, we could even get part of M6 – by visiting the TV sets of famous shows we knew from TV, together with our great host Michel Nougué (Brand Management). We could project ourselves into different sceneries or become newscasters and real television stars for a few minutes!

Fascinated and overwhelmed by this long day we, always on a tight schedule, went for a quick Italian dinner to get ready for the last highlight of the day – a night tour at the Eiffel Tower. As this famous sight is as crowded at night as it is during the day, we had to fight our way through Eiffel Tower ticket sellers and thousands of other visitors until we could enjoy a breath-taking view over Paris with our Parisian guide. Seeing all the prestigious attractions from another perspective once again, we finally knew why Paris is called the ‘City of Light.’

Day III: Let’s meet TMB Alumni in Paris!

 …but wait? A third day in Paris? Luckily, from this year on, Pam and Nico decided to run Alumni Hubs in places where many TMB Alumni live. Thereby, the Education Group could spend a last day in Paris on their own and get to know other TMB Alumni at a nice dinner in the evening. In the famous restaurant Fish Club, we did not only enjoy an amazing menu, but also met TMB Alumni from many former Talent Meets Bertelsmann events. This great trip came to an end with delicious food together with old and new TMB friends – always a good idea!

Inspiring people, thrilling new insights and a great location – thank you, Bertelsmann, for this amazing trip to Paris!

By Eva Spannagl

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