RTL Group:
MCN goes MPN goes digital native media company.
With online video offers like YouTube growing rapidly, many other video platforms have followed, offering video creators multiple routes to publish and monetize their content. Next to spots (pre rolls), placed in front of each video, integrated and native advertising have emerged as promising monetization opportunities. Your task is to develop innovative cross-media solutions for an advertising campaign for an international telecommunications company. The campaign should be aimed at digital natives and include online video, social media, TV and live events. Use all suitable RTL Group channels and platforms across Europe to strengthen your campaign.

Workshop Hosts:
Jens-Uwe Bornemann, SVP Multi-Platform Networks and Strategic Partnerships, FremantleMedia
Brian Ruhe, CEO Divimove, FremantleMedia

Penguin Random House:
Then and now – Online first approach to publishing in 2017.
More than half of the books in the US and UK are now bought online (either eBooks or physical books). What should publishers do to ensure their books are discovered online? How can we make the online browsing and shopping experiences as good as browsing in a physical shop? Identify and present specific ideas for how publishers should retain, revisit, revamp, or reimagine the publishing process, from acquisition to distribution to marketing, in a world where consumer behavior patterns show an increased preference for online purchasing over offline in-store visits. Focus on how to increase Penguin Random House sales of crime fiction online in the UK.

Workshop Hosts:
Hannah Telfer, Managing Director Audiences and Audio, Penguin Random House UK
Rob Waddington, Group Sales Director UK and International, Penguin Random House UK

Gruner + Jahr:
The furniture store of the future.
Traditional brick-and-mortar furniture stores are facing a fundamental structural transformation, faced with intense competition (for example from e-commerce pure players), cost pressure, changes in how consumers access information and the technological challenges of augmented reality. It’s high time for new ideas to make shopping at brick-and-mortar furniture stores feel like an experience again. SCHÖNER WOHNEN is Europe’s biggest home and decoration magazine. It is the market leader in the distribution and advertising markets, runs its own online store and offers specially-developed licensed products. SCHÖNER WOHNEN accompanies consumers at every stage of the customer journey – from inspiration to purchase. Develop an individual store concept with which SCHÖNER WOHNEN can transform brick-and-mortar stores.

Workshop Hosts:

Matthias Frei, LIVING Publisher and Managing Director of G+J LIVING, G+J
Maximilian Uebel, General Management Trainee, G+J

How should BMG create and launch its own Spotify playlist brands?
Over the past five years, Spotify and other streaming services have had a major impact on the music industry. Physical and digital music sales have gone down, while music streaming has skyrocketed. Your task is to follow this trend through the eyes of a music company by working out how BMG and its artists can take advantage of this trend by launching its own Spotify playlist brands. What playlists and playlist brands should BMG launch and on which themes should they focus?

Workshop Hosts:
Will Cooper, Director Digital Distribution, BMG
Caroline Zimmerman, Senior Director Data Insights and Analytics, BMG

Car CV: Using innovation to fight fraud in used car sales.
It's estimated that within the German used car market, every third car has had its odometer manipulated and that very often significant damage is not reported to the new owner. As of today there is no established system in Germany that prevents asymmetric information exchange between car sellers and buyers. The Bertelsmann Executive Board is very interested in data-driven business models and you are a group of business developers selected to pitch their business model. Convince the board, not only of your innovative solution, but also of your creative launch strategy for the German market.

Workshop Hosts:
Thorsten Haag, Senior Consultant, Arvato Financial Solutions
Julian Kleindiek, Management Associate, Arvato Financial Solutions

Bertelsmann Printing Group:
Create a marketing strategy for a superfood startup.
BPG is an aggregation of a variety of marketing companies offering a portfolio of classic printing, print services, photo production, media services and campaign management. In the light of increasing digitalization, our main challenge is to combine those key competencies and act as a full-service agency providing tailor- made solutions for our clients. You belong to a new BPG task force which is specialized in enabling startups to optimize their marketing activities. Currently you are working on a concept for a pitch with a startup for healthy snacks and natural, organic food supplements. Design a cross-media and communication strategy for this superfood startup's specific target group, “baby boomers”.

Workshop Hosts:
Ulrich Buser, Managing Director, rtv media group
Thomas Coesfeld, Head of Sales - Magazines, Mohn Media

Bertelsmann Education Group:
Digital transformation skill gap – How can Udacity serve companies in Europe with educational solutions to re-skill their workforce?
Europe has a leading position in many manufacturing and service sectors, yet advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and big data analytics are driving the ""fourth industrial revolution"", which has the potential to transform these European industries. In order to benefit from this digital transformation, companies need to re-skill their workforce to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that come with technological advancement. Udacity sees this need as an opportunity to build a B2B business in Europe and help companies fill their digital skills gap. How should Udacity approach this market? What new products should Udacity introduce to address the needs of these companies and their workforces?

Workshop Hosts:
Nicolas Dittberner, Country Manager DACH and UK, Udacity
Daniel Kob, Bertelsmann Entrepreneurs Program






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