Report by Annika Senkovic

Annika Senkovic is a personnel officer at Prinovis Ltd. & Co. KG in Hamburg. She participated in TMB in 2010. 

About TMB:
First of all, I noticed how different the participants were. Everyone came from a totally different career path and thanks to the different characters we presented a great overall result after two days of group work. The TMB event offered a lot: interesting and challenging group work, great care by employees and executives of the Group's divisions, an attractive and well-organized program with an "after-show party" where you had the chance to get to know many company representatives and party together in the evening. 
What happened afterwards:
As I had already completed my intern training with Bertelsmann and participated in TMB, I thought about a re-entry into the company and thanks to several contacts I made during the event, I had several discussions about this opportunity. I was really glad that colleagues from the Corporate Development Department got in touch with me to discuss very openly a possible re-entry into Bertelsmann. I finally got on board in October 2011 as a personnel officer in Prinovis Ltd. & Co. KG in Hamburg, where I have been working now for one and a half year.

What I’m doing now:
Apart from being the contact person for the employees concerning all employment law issues, my daily work is characterized by a mix of tasks: salary issues (esp. the annual target agreements and rebate settlements), recruiting including job interviews, HR marketing topics, and a lot of multi-site project management. This position is perfect for obtaining access to the many facets of HR management being a young professional
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