Report by Benedikt Dalkmann

Benedikt Dalkmann attended the first ever Bertelsmann recruiting event, Talent Meets Media (TMM), in 2008. After having worked as Assistant to the Chief Digital Officer and President of Corporate Development and New Businesses of Bertelsmann, Thomas Hesse, from 2012 to 2013, he moved on to the position of Senior Director Corporate Development before becoming Vice President Strategy & Business Development at the Bertelsmann Education Group. In his current role, Benedikt leads the Education Group’s global business development efforts. In addition to his Group-level role, Benedikt serves as COO of one of the Group’s portfolio businesses in healthcare e-learning.

About TMM

The event - which in 2008 was still called Talent Meets Media - was simply fantastic. The workshops were stimulating, the social program was a lot of fun, and the participants were curious, open-minded and fun. I was inspired by the many facets of Bertelsmann and the entrepreneurial mind-set of the executives whom I spoke to. It was a truly eye-opening experience and made me realize how much I wanted to be involved in the challenges that Bertelsmann is taking on. After TMM, I accepted an internship at Corporate Development in Guetersloh, in line with the workshop I had participated in at TMM.

What happened next

After TMM and the internship in Guetersloh, I completed my studies and joined the Venture Capital firm Holtzbrinck Digital/ Holtzbrinck Ventures to work as an Investment Analyst, focussing on Consumer Internet in Europe. Nevertheless, I never lost touch with Bertelsmann since TMM, and I followed the developments of the group with great interest. In 2012, Bertelsmann offered me the chance to work as Assistant to the Chief Digital Officer and Executive Board Member for New Businesses, Thomas Hesse. This was a great learning experience, professionally as well as personally. Two years later, I moved on to become Senior Director Corporate Development, working on creating growth opportunities in Online Education, together with Kay Krafft, who later became the CEO of the newly founded Bertelsmann Education division.  

What I am doing now

At the Bertelsmann Education Group, my focus is on growth and on our global business development efforts. My current responsibilities relate to M&A, international expansion, strategic planning and competitive intelligence, as well as on cross-business-unit initiatives. In addition to my Group-level role, I am leading the operations of one of our Group’s portfolio businesses in healthcare e-learning. In a nutshell: At the Education Group, we aim to shape learning in the 21st century with online education offerings, focused on the healthcare and technology sectors. We are committed to inspire people to pursue individual career opportunities. In this regard, we have something in common with Talent Meets Bertelsmann.
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