Report by Jana Latzel

Jana Latzel participated in TMB in 2012 and is now an executive assistant at Medienfabrik Gütersloh, an arvato company. 

About TMB:
I thoroughly enjoyed Talent Meets Bertelsmann. I have been to quite a few recruiting events during my studies but I have to say that TMB was definitely the most impressive one.
The event was awesomely planned to cover every minute, and one had the feeling that there were plenty of Bertelsmann employees to answer questions and give insights into the company’s culture.
The case studies were interesting and quite challenging but at the same time, we didn’t miss out on the fun. I was glad I had this opportunity to get to know Bertelsmann in more depth; it definitely influenced my decision when it came to choosing my future employer. 
What happened afterwards:
I finished my internship at careerloft in Berlin, then enjoyed the summer at my parents before writing my Master’s thesis in Montréal, Canada. During all that time I never lost contact with Bertelsmann, which was great for me, since I was looking to start a job right after my thesis.

What I’m doing now:
In February 2013, I started work at Medienfabrik Gütersloh, an arvato company and therewith a part of Bertelsmann. I work there as an executive assistant for Gero Hesse, a member of the executive board of Medienfabrik. We operate in the division of Ventures, especially in the field of HR Communication and Employer Branding. I support my boss in all matters regarding strategic and operative tasks. I also have my own projects: I participate in pitches and I have lots of creative freedom when it comes to implementing campaigns, websites, etc. for different customers.

For me, Bertelsmann is the perfect fit. I love the combination of freedom regarding the execution of my projects and the guidance and coaching style management of my boss. TMB definitely gave me the chance to discover the Bertelsmann world and showed me the endless number of opportunities they offer all over the world.

The contacts TMB offers you are priceless, so don’t miss out!
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