Report by Jenny Dreier

Jenny is an intern at Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments in Berlin (Dec. 13 – March 14). 
She participated in TMB in 2013.

About TMB
I came to TMB because I wanted to get to know Bertelsmann and see if there was an interesting opportunity for an internship within the company. But what we got was a lot more than just another employer branding event. The workshop as well as the whole event was perfectly organized and besides getting to know Bertelsmann as a company there were many opportunities to get to know the other participants as well as the media business in general and most importantly: it was a lot of fun.

The workshop itself was intense and with a great team, we managed to develop a new concept for Bertelsmann’s Be Printers division in order for it to leverage the digital developments for their business. Presenting it in front of several members of the board was exciting – they discussed our ideas with us on a very serious level which was a great experience.

A real highlight was the award ceremony followed by a Mando Diao concert and a great party at “Alte Münze”. Not only because our team was awarded the third price and we had a reason to celebrate. But also, because I got to know a lot more Bertelsmann executives from various positions and got an even better picture of the company.

The last day of the event was dedicated to career counseling. Very helpful was the 1-on-1 career counseling with an HR executive where I had the chance to discuss how my profile fits Bertelsmann and the divisions. The career fair showed the variety of different job opportunities that exist within Bertelsmann.

What happened afterwards
After the event, I applied for an internship at BDMI, Bertelsmann’s venture capital fund. Having been interested in digital media and the tech world for a long time, the internship offered via „Create Your Own Career“ was a perfect match. At that time, I had just finished my bachelor’s degree. After another internship in Africa, I started to work with BDMI’s Berlin office in December 2013.

What I’m doing now
Right now, I am doing an internship with BDMI in Berlin. I enjoy the work a lot. I get to know dozens of innovative young startups from all areas of the digital media industry and at the same time, get some insights into all the different Bertelsmann divisions. Most days, I have meetings and calls where startups pitch their ideas and discuss them with us. Additionally, my work includes going to events and browsing the web for new ideas, evaluating business models and discussing them with the team. When approaching a potential deal, I would be involved into the due diligence process to analyze a startup and its financials in all details.
After the internship, I will start a Master’s degree in fall 2014. Also, I was accepted for Bertelsmann’s “Student Challenge” program which allows me to stay in touch with the company after I complete my internship.


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