Report by Silvia Petzke

Silvia Petzke is an assistant to a Managing Director of rewards arvato services in Munich.

About TMB:
I had already submitted my application to arvato before I attended Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2011. At TMB, I had the good fortune to meet the Managing Director of rewards arvato services GmbH and to be able to tell him personally about my interest in starting my career as an assistant in his company. As a result, my application quickly found its way into the right hands.
Before TMB, the only division of Bertelsmann that I was familiar with was its book publishing business, since I had worked at Random House during my studies. After TMB, I was even more certain that Bertelsmann was the right place for me to begin my career.
Talent Meets Bertelsmann was superbly organized, and I met such congenial and genuine people – a very important factor in my choice of an employer.

What I’m doing now:
As an assistant to Mark Edenharder, one of the two Managing Director of rewards arvato services GmbH, I have the opportunity to interact with international customers and colleagues on a regular basis. I also spend a lot of time dealing with numbers – something I thoroughly enjoy.
My job is probably not the right choice for someone who doesn’t like facts and figures... but Bertelsmann offers a wide variety of (entry-level) career opportunities!

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