Report by Svenja Ziegert

Svenja Ziegert tells about her internship at Bertelsmann’s Corporate Communications office in Berlin.

About TMB:
TMB 2011 was definitely one of the highlights of the past year for me. It was superbly organized from beginning to end. I gained valuable insights into the company’s activities, met interesting people and made new friends. What’s more, my team was one of the winners, which allowed us to spend three exciting days in New York. That visit was definitely the icing on the cake!

What happened afterwards:
When TMB was over I returned to London, where I finished writing my Master’s thesis. After handing it in, I spent the five months from October 2011 to February 2012 in Brussels as a Blue Book trainee with the European Commission. Then, at Halloween, I joined the other team members and the leaders of our group on a trip to New York!

What I’m doing now:
Since returning to Germany in March 2012, I have been working as an intern at Bertelsmann’s Corporate Communications department at the Unter den Linden 1 site. This is where the political communications team has its offices, only a stone’s throw from the Reichstag. The team monitors topics of importance to Bertelsmann – particularly the current debate surrounding copyright issues. For me personally, this means following political discussions in Germany and Brussels, creating presentations for my colleagues, and occasionally attending a subcommittee meeting at the Bundestag or a panel discussion with political and business leaders. I’m also involved in organizing the Bertelsmann-wide initiative “be green Day” here at the Berlin site on June 5.

Bertelsmann and its corporate culture made such a positive impression on me at TMB that I knew relatively quickly that I wanted to work there – as an intern, or perhaps as a regular employee later on. There’s no doubt that TMB helped me to get my internship. While in Brussels, I stayed in e-mail and telephone contact with an HR staff member in Gütersloh, and she helped me connect with Corporate Communications in Berlin. I doubt that it would have happened so quickly if she hadn’t already had my profile in her “files.”
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