Report by Tessa Niemann

Commercial Solutions Manager at G+J EMS Mobile
Tessa Niemann about her impressions of TMB 2013.

About TMB:
In summer 2013 I took part in TMB. My way to TMB wasn’t the ordinary one: A few weeks before the event has started, I have mailed my CV to Bertelsmann, because I was in the final phase of my masterthesis and searching for a job. I studied media management at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz. The advert I have applied for was called “Entry Level Positions at Bertelsmann”, which combined different junior-/ trainee-jobs within the Bertelsmann-cosmos.
Back then, the responsible HR-department mentioned that my CV would perfectly fit for being a participant of TMB.
In order to take part in TMB, I had to pass the web-based video interviews. First of all the description of those interviews sounded a bit irritating: like you are “skyping” and answering questions to yourself without getting a response. But it is a good tool to proof your English skills, motivation and behavior in stressful situations.
I would recommend the Talent Meets Bertelsmann to every student: TMB is a great opportunity to take a look into so many interesting facets of Bertelsmann and to present your ideas and visions in front of the Bertelsmann Board.

What happened afterwards:
After the event I finished my thesis. Within those weeks I got a job-offer of G+J Electronic Media Sales Mobile. G+J EMS is the marketer of digital media of G+J, Europe´s largest publisher of magazines, and external clients. I received an invitation to a job-interview at G+J EMS and got offered the job the day after the interview. Two months later I have started my first job at G+J Electronic Media Sales Mobile.

What I’m doing now:
The mobile Team of G+J EMS is a very young and motivated unit. Decisions are implemented fast and for us, mobile is our passion. Mobile advertising is a quickly growing market with exciting prospects and new issues every day, which makes the job very diversified.

Within the Mobile Unit I’m working as a commercial solutions manager. I’m helping clients and agencies with the implementation of advertising campaigns on mobile devices, this primarily involves the commercial processing of campaigns including the preparation of reports/ campaign documentaries and developing creative campaign ideas. I’m also responsible for the expansion and maintenance of agency and client relationships in cooperation with our field sales force.


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