TMB Prizes 2014

London, Paris and Hamburg:
The three 2014 winning teams will visit cosmopolitan cities, where they will be able to take a closer look at selected business units of the Bertelsmann Group. Please have a look to get some further impressions.

More about last year´s prizes so far

Welcome to Talent Meets Bertelsmann – the international networking extravaganza!

Talent Meets Bertelsmann in general: At our Representative Office at Unter den Linden 1 in Berlin, TMB participants meet members of our Executive Board and top international company executives and have the opportunity to demonstrate their entrepreneurial talents. In challenging workshops, participants work with experienced Bertelsmann entrepreneurs on business ideas for the media industries of the future. A jury – in general composed of members of the Executive Board and the Bertelsmann Group Management Committee – evaluates the ideas and solutions they come up with. Prizes are getting awarded for the best ideas and concepts and afterwards all participants become a part of the “Talent Meets Bertelsmann” network, which has existed since 2008 and already includes round about 450 outstanding members.

TMB in a nutshell:

• We invite all participants to Berlin for three days
• To encourage creativity and analytical thinking, we offer workshops on future trends in our business areas
• Prizes are getting awarded for the best ideas and concepts
• In general the event includes a dinner party and a concert
• We provide individualized career consulting and networking opportunities
• Participants will become part of the “Talent Meets Bertelsmann” network

This page should give you further information on possibilities, experiences and the character of our networking event. Find pictures, videos and reports of former participants to get an impression of what it means to participate in Talent Meets Bertelsmann and in becoming part of our network afterwards.
In 2015 Talent Meets Bertelsmann took already place. But if you are interested in joining our event in 2016, you will get the opportunity to apply again next spring.

Highlights at Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2015

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