Frequently Asked Questions

1. Questions concerning the application process:

What are the requirements for participating in Talent Meets Bertelsmann?
Simply this: You must be a bachelor, master or MBA student or a doctoral candidate and fluent in English, as the event will be held in English. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying. You just have to be enthusiastic about media and media diversity.

Does it matter how far along I am in my studies?
No. You are eligible to participate whether you are just beginning, in the middle or about to graduate. MBAs with some work experience are also welcome.

When is the deadline, and how can I apply?
This year´s application phase for Talent Meets Bertelsmann ended May 21, 2017. Applications will be accepted again in spring 2018.

When and how will I find out whether I’m among the top talents?
We are reviewing the applications and selecting participants during the whole application phase. Next step of the process will be a video interview, held in English. Those who are chosen for participating in a video interview – will be notified via e-mail. You will receive final information shortly after your interview.

2. The basics of asnychronous video interviews

What is an asynchronous video interview?
The asynchronous video interview is a new form of interview in which you, the applicant, is guided through a structured interview process, which you do on your own. In the interview you answer (text-based) questions in front of your webcam. “Asynchronous” means that you do not do the interview at the same time as the interviewer. The interviewer is not online at the same time as you, but instead you do the interview independently, at a time and place of your choice.

Why do an asynchronous video interview instead of a phone interview?
A phone interview can only give a small glimpse into your skills and personality. You benefit greatly from the fact that we can get a more complete picture of you. In the video interview you can also get to know us better through our welcome video, which can give you a more personal picture of us as a company and as a department. A big advantage compared to a telephone interview is the complete independence regarding time and place. For an asynchronous video interview, there is no need to spend a lot of time coordinating schedules for an initial appointment, because it can be carried when you and we are available, independently of each other.

3. Questions about the interview process

Does the video interview start immediately when I click on the link in the email?
No. First, you sign up and receive an email with your personal login data for the interview suite. In the interview suite, you can familiarize yourself with the process, record test videos and get valuable tips to do your video interview, with no time pressure. Often you will also be greeted by one or more videos from direct contacts of the company you are applying to. The support team is also available to deal with your problems. If you don’t want to do the interview immediately, you can simply login again, at a later time, using your login information.

How do I do the asynchronous video interview?
You decide when you are ready to start the video interview. The software guides you through the interview step by step. The questions will be displayed on the screen. You will have a fixed set of time for both preparing each answer and answering the question. Your responses will be captured when you answer the questions. Questions as well as preparation and response times of the video interviews are fixed
and the same for all candidates invited. You can independently stop both the preparation and the response times. When the response time for a question has run out, it will automatically go on to the next question’s preparation time.

What do I need for an asynchronous video interview?
For optimal recording of your video interview, you need a reliable internet connection, a webcam, an internal or external microphone and one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, ideally in the most recent versions. While you perform the video interview, you will also need Adobe Flash Player. If it is not already installed on your computer, you can easily download it here:

4. What happens if...

What happens if my Internet connection breaks down?

If your Internet connection breaks down during the video interview, your interview is paused. A notice will pop-up informing you, that the software is attempting to reestablish the connection. If the connection cannot be repaired within 5 minutes, please contact our support team ( - see contact details in the interview suite).

How is the safety of my data guaranteed?
The security of your personal data is guaranteed at every point in the selection process. The software for asynchronous video interviews meets the highest technical and organizational security standards.
Access to the password-protected software is available only to relevant contact persons. Your data and your interview is protected from unauthorized access at all times.

Any other questions? E-mail your questions to!


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